Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions is a regional non-profit focused on discovering the causes of climate change and environmental dilemmas. The North West agency promotes finding solutions to these problems in order to reach sustainable communities who thrive and work together for the future. Environmentalism often focuses on the negative aspects of the problem, whereas Climate Solutions workforce positions itself on the “yes” or positive side of the issues so that all sides can come together to make lasting agreements. Bridging the divides between businessmen, environmentalists and citizens will lead to “make it real” programs, or agreements and initiatives that will actually lead to lasting change. At Climate Solutions, advocating and litigating is the name of the game and working to sway public opinion or policy toward a climate conscious direction is the goal.

Power Past CoalOregon and Washington’s Climate Solutions branches are focusing mostly on coal, “Power Past Coal”. Both states are facing huge exports of coal to Asia and Climate Solutions is working to spread the word and change the policy. They hope to accomplish this by using words and phrases, such as “Coal Exporting?” and “It’s better if they don’t burn ours” – Tom Power. Eventually they will be bringing up what effect transporting coal by train has on the environment and health in the local region. Another effective tool for changing minds and policy is rating legislators voting decisions and habits.

Although Climate Solutions does not intend on becoming political, they seem to have a knack for policy divides and appropriate advocacy. Unfortunately climate denial has shrouded the science in a political veil that some are afraid to touch. Hopefully an advocacy group as established and mindful as Climate Solutions will find the expression necessary to change minds before it is too late.

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