Business Development in Portland


Greater Portland Inc, an economic development commission for the city of Portland hopes to increase economic energy in the region by not encouraging every business or growth of any kind, but working to bring eco-minded and smart growth initiatives to the forefront of opportunities. Greater Portland Inc (GPInc) uses recruitment strategies to spur business growth by bringing together public and private resources in an effort to make the region look as attractive as possible. Over time Portland has become a thriving, green, export economy, which would attract most businesses and homeowners, but there is always room for improvements. After merging the two original development organizations, Greater Portland Inc has started up with generally fifty/fifty public and private funding.

GPInc works to constantly improve the city by promoting green initiatives like bioswales along public sidewalks and encouraging newly moved companies to set up shop in green buildings and retrofitting rather than building new. These promotions to companies bring about tax credits which help GPInc stay in business. This development group has gathered plenty of attention simply because it is not simply publicly funded and controlled. Partly privatizing a firm such as this allows for an unbiased approach to promoting the region. Even though Portland is a major manufacturing hub with highly educated citizens it still might be a challenge to encourage business with a progressive tax, but with all of the long term improvements and developments across the region; the tax might seem meager compared to the savings over time.

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