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If there is one function that social media can contribute to this ever-changing world, it is transparency. Posting videos to social networks have shined a light on many unethical and unlawful situations world-wide. These social movements have garnered serious questions about government and corporate transparency, with various outcomes, such as employee accountability to revolution in certain situations. Adding video to social media helps effectively spread the message of a movement and can provide real life examples of success, failure, service and atrocities. Transparency laws might be the only possible counter to this social media strategy. If videos are subject to removal over the internet, it will not only hurt the efforts of social media campaigns, but also send a blow to transparency; a right that all citizens should stand firm in support of


Seattle Police Pepper Spray 84-Year-Old Activist, Priest, Pregnant Woman, Among Others

Social Media and Transparency:

Transparency and the Environment (Article):

Transparency and War (WikiLeaks):

Bradley Manning and War Crimes:

Egypt’s Revolution:

Peacefully Assembled Protesters Assaulted:

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Core Values and Transparency:

These video clips and articles give a small insight to the reporting that individual citizens and social campaigns can now administer through various internet forums. As long as the internet remains open and uncensored, the powers that be cannot stop the spreading of information.

    • Joanne Lovito-Nelson
    • August 28th, 2012

    I agree that social media platforms are great tools in the quest for transparency. As Jeff points out, that transparency is contingent on the free flow of information without censorship.

    With that being said, however, it is important to realize that social media can also be used by the unethical and immoral. Companies can use social media in greenwashing campaigns, and I don’t even want to think about the variety of predators that may utilize social media for thievery or worse.

    It would be an impossible feat to monitor the web to ensure that 100% of submitted information is valid and legal. It is truly up to the followers of social media platforms to practice due diligence when it comes to information on the web. Don’t take anything at face value. Do a little research and ensure you are getting accurate information.

  1. Corporations and governments often try to hide information over what the public would consider negative. Even the United States would like to hide mistakes made in war, which is exactly what WikiLeaks sought to reveal. Reports on civilian casualties revealed that the military was not taking proper precautions to keep innocent life out of harms way. This did not have as deep an effect until WikiLeaks released footage of unarmed civilians and press being fired upon.

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