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Random House, a book publishing company, has created a very interesting way to get young fans of books connected through an online community, which will most likely lead to an increase in customer loyalty or sales for the company. Random Buzzers allows writers and readers to share their favorite books, find reviews, chat with authors, win books and so much more.

Online, the site is composed of a vast amount of activities, which will earn registered users “Buzz Bucks”. Buzz bucks are an online currency created by the site to encourage users to engage in polls, quizzes, reviews, galleries and inviting others to join. These Buzz Bucks are used to purchase items, that have to do with literature, on the site’s store. The site also features regular contests that result in winners receiving new books and forums for discussions as well. All of this takes place among a vast network of “friends” ranking in different “levels” determined by the “Buzz Bloggers” who determine levels based on activity.

These activities, earnings, rankings and connections encourage users to engage with the site and hopefully bring about new literature fans and customers. Random Buzzers also allows connections through Facebook and Twitter accounts so users can spread the word and stay even more updated with the comings and goings of the site. Buzzers are also given information on authors speaking events and book signings and will update users with their favorite authors locations and actions. These events and items delivered by the site give users an offline experience that will strengthen their relationship with the network.

Random Buzzers has been very successful in engaging users with various online activities, real world events, and connection with like-minded youth. The site has also encouraged buzzers to spread the word on Twitter and Facebook with buttons and apps that will hopefully get others on board.

In order to further engage young readers outside of the online community, Random Buzzers could partner with schools to further encourage active readers. Instructors might use Buzz Bucks to reward good behavior, correct answers and good grades, where students could spend the bucks on items at school or in the shop online.  This would further spread the network of Random Buzzers and could get young students more interested in reading to keep up with what’s going on in school and online.

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