Sustainability Wikis

A collaborative, public effort exists to bring together sustainability information and resources. Appropedia, a wiki site, designed to bring sustainability opinions, facts, projects and articles together for its community of users and the public at large. The site welcomes all entries and edits by anyone on the web and has a wealth of information regarding everything from sustainable construction and agriculture to service learning and health.

This wiki is successful in its mission of “sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives”, but how much content is necessary before it becomes as viable as wikis such as Wikipedia. According to the front page of Appropedia “contributors have made 213,115 edits and uploaded 16,209 files”, with 37,003 pages in total. These numbers are fractions compared to more established wikis, such as Wikipedia. This does not necessarily mean that the site is or will be unsuccessful, but perhaps those moderating and running Appropedia should find a way to get the word out or encourage use among internet users.

  1. Jeff, What would you do to get the word out about this wiki?

  2. Perhaps advertising on green sites, such as or environmental news outlets like Huffington Post and the Guardian’s “Green” and “Environmental” pages. Maybe Appropedia could work out a partnership with Wikipedia. I’m sure that certain information for both sites crosses over and it would serve both of their interests to work together.
    Appropedia is not unsuccessful with it’s niche market, but they should be looking to grow more and more with additions and edits, so that one day they might become as regularly used for sustainable information as Wikipedia is used for all information.

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