Boosted Boards – Alternative Transportation

California is still leading the way in green technologies and action. Boosted Boards, a small company from Palo Alto, has come up with what they call “the lightest electric vehicle that’s ever been made”. No, this is not some tiny car that most Americans would not buy

It is a long board skateboard, powered by twin brushless motors near the wheels. Now these Stanford graduates are not stating that Boosted Boards will replace standard transportation, but they might be the key to connecting people with public transportation options. When it comes to public transportation, the last mile of a commuter’s route is what public transportation generally cannot fill. With Boosted Boards, public transportation users can ride out that last connecting mile with ease.

The company is still developing prototypes so that the board will only weigh 12 – 15 pounds (easy to carry), climb hills with grades as steep as 15%, reach 20mph speeds and charges that will last for six hours before a recharge is necessary (enough to get you to and from the bus or train).

They are currently raising funds via “Kickstarter” (, to begin full-scale production of the boards so that the public will have one more incentive to take public transportation and use Boosted Boards as their main method of personal transport.

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