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I try not to make this blog to personal, but lately I have noticed that many colleagues of mine do not know where to get new and interesting green news. The major news and even local news are not reporting on much, but online there is a wealth of great information over new green technologies, sciences, endeavors, business practices and policies. I thought I would share 3 sites with great twitter accounts for keeping updated on green and sustainable topics:

TreeHugger.com or is constantly discovering new green information and news that could pique the interest of any discipline. The site and twitter posts include design, technology, living, transportation, energy, science and business articles by a variety of great journalists.

New Scientist or is a great site and twitter account for news and updates over range of scientific topics. Many of these topics cover sustainability issues in a vast of technical and scientific areas. The Tweets of this account are so creative and funny that you cannot help but click on the links.

GOOD or is one of my favorite spots and quarterly magazines. I happen to be a subscriber, but before that and daily I run by this site to get updates on social sustainability news. It has great articles and real world initiatives that are empowering communities for sustainable initiatives. Their graphics and symbols are great and add a modern uniformity to the content.

I have always followed these websites and their Tweets have helped me to stay updated more often than not. Check them out and start by following them on Twitter as a sample or just a quick daily fact/anecdote.

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