Clean Cities 20th Anniversary!

It’s a celebration! For two decades the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Clean Cities program continues to successfully coordinate government and industry efforts of pursuing alternative fuels, vehicles and strategies to reduce emissions and create a more sustainable transportation system.

In 1993, six regional sponsors across the country received designation as the first set of Clean Cities coalitions, and now after 20 years the program encompasses almost 75% of the United States’ population with about 90 coalitions, including Dallas-Fort Worth since July of 1995. This anniversary celebrates each coalition’s years of work to lower costs and emissions and encourage healthy, eco-friendly practices among a wide array of stakeholders.

These stakeholder projects, fostered by their respective Clean Cities coalition, are altering local and regional transportation impacts, saving more than 5 billion gallons of petroleum, averting more than 5.8 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions and adding 660,000 alternative-fueled vehicles to the nation’s roadways. Since 2005, the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities coalition has been able to displace more than 90 million gallons of gas, with no signs of momentum slowing anytime soon. The ongoing efforts of regional coalitions and stakeholders have blossomed over 20 years into nationwide progress toward transforming our transportation system into a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and socially beneficial aspect of the United States’ infrastructure.

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